2024 AKS National Grand Prix at Purdue University

Join us at the Purdue Univerisity Grand Prix Track for the 2024 AKS National Grand Prix where universities from across the United States will bring their Fully Autonomous Electric Go-Karts to race against each other in a Time Trial event!

Teams will be showing off their ability to navigate the track as fast as possible over a 5 lap race in 2 categories. The first category, Pre-Mapped, allows teams to plan the track for their go-kart to showcase their control and speed. The second category, Reactive, showcases the teams navigation skills in mapping the track as they run and then getting to the finish line as fast as possible!

AKS, and formerly as EV Grand Prix, will be returning to the Purdue Grand Prix Track in West Lafayette Indiana for the 4th time to host its national race. Visitors and Companies are welcome to come out and see the teams and their karts, this is a great time to look for future talent!

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