Autonomous Karting Series

The Autonomous Karting Series is a collegiate competition series in which teams design, build, and race autonomous electric go-karts.

Revolutionizing Racing Technology
Experience real Autonomous Racing, not just simple Artificial Intelligence. Autonomous Karting Series brings together students and industry professionals to push the boundaries of innovation and showcase the future of motorsports.
Affordable Autonomous Racing Competititon
By using a go-kart platform, teams are able to join at a lower cost compared to other autonomous racing competitions. We encourage teams to develop all components of their kart to optimize how their kart performs.

Teams are also encouraged to share basic components with one another to solve common problems and reduce cost further!
Collaboration for Success
Join other universities to develop cutting-edge autonomous technology. AKS fosters collaboration, allowing you to gain valuable insights, expand your network, and make a lasting impact on the future of self-driving vehicles
Meet The Teams
Intelligent Systems Club
University of Michigan Dearborn
University of Pennsylvania
University of Alabama
Purdue IEEE
Paradigm Engineering
Memorial University of Newfoundland.
Autonomous Motorsports Purdue (AMP)
Purdue University
Georgia Institute of Technology
Electric Vehicle Team
Kennesaw State University
AI Racing Tech & Triton AI
University of California San Diego & University of Hawaii
Interested in Competing?
Fill out the Contact Form on our contact page to get in touch and make sure to join the discord below!